Nature is both interesting and instructive. While some creatures are born and die only after a single day journey, some live like forever. Olive tree is one of them. In this sense, each olive tree seems to be mirror to existence. That‘s probably why it‘s been called the everlasting tree for centuries. The moment you think it will no longer survive, all of a sudden it gets born out of its ashes, sprouts and brings death back to life.
Resurrection of olive tree is like Prometheus reborn from ashes. A belief, commitment to life to the fullest, a struggle that shows there are still things in life to sacrifice for…
Believing that each sunrise is a resurrection. Transforming into a light (of angel).
Continues his lectures at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Photography.
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Horses, Historical Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Games, Cappadocia, Subject: Hilmi Yavuz, Miller, Coast, Dome, Pandora, ..., 1994, Dream cities, Root, Adatepe, Stone Faces, Smyrna, Touching the east, Sky, Dome/ Space, Sinan the architect, Horses&Cities
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Old time notebooks, (History of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) Ottoman Empire France relations from Yildiz Palace Photography Collections (2017)
Ottoman Empire Germany relations from Yildiz Palace Photography Collections (2017)
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