Listening to nature all alone, trying to understand it, sometimes losing yourself on the skyline while looking faraway and sometimes admiring its details are all some kind of meditation for me.
That’s what I did when I was taking these photos: Being alone with nature.
The general tonality of these photos is blue; because blue is the color of loneliness for me. Other colors are all intertwined, but blue can be seen in the sea or on the sky only with its own tones.
I think that was the color of being alone with nature by being on your own. The popularity of the humankind rises, but in fact we live all alone, away from nature, in the virtual worlds we create.
Even though it seems like this situation provides superiority to humans on earth, it brings a deep loneliness isolated from reality along. Each of us is all alone in our own worlds lived away from earth and nature, and without understanding it.
On one occasion, a curious grocery owner I ran across before I climbed a mountain, asked me: “For hunting, or treasure?” It means that if people are going in the nature, their purpose is getting something from it, not understanding it.
Sometimes I think of the world as a body. And the creatures living inside of it are cells constituting it. A nature flows in a perfect balance…
Healthy cells in the body have a balance as well. They are born, increase in a certain amount and die. However, human acts like a disease creates tumors with its cities acting like a cancerous cell, increasing with an endless speed, and expanding incrementally, and this billions of years old beautiful body is getting sick so fast.
First of all, we have got to understand one thing: We are not the owners of nature; we are a part of it. We are some creatures living in this small and beautiful planet in the infinite obscurity, with certain lifetimes. The humanity, which is stuck between the superstitions coming from thousands of years before and superstitions from modern day, must be purified from these superstitions at first.
The photographer, born in İzmir (1986), completed his secondary and high school education at Izmir Turkish College and then he graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Photography. He is interested in documentary-type photography and Time Lapse works.
Some exhibition which participated:
“Geride Bırakmak”, Young Turkey Summit, Young Art (2016),
“Yosemite in Black&White” Time Lapse Video and “Geride Bırakmak” Tuyap Art Fair (2016),
“İskeleler” 6. International Bursa Photo Festival (2016),
“Geleceğin Fotoğraf Ustaları” Leica Gallery, Photokina Fair, Köln/Germany (2016),
“Art in Daily Life” 4. International Fine Arts Congress, Maltepe University (2016),
“Sis Adamlar” National Fine Arts Museum, Bişkek-Kırgızistan (2015),
“Geride Bırakmak” 5. International Bursa Photo Festival (2015),
“Sis Adamlar” Young Quests 3 Exhibition, MSGSU Osman Hamdi Bey Hall (2015),
“İzmir Time Lapse” Presentation, 3. International Izmir Photo Days Opening (2015),
“Kapadokya Time Lapse” Istanbul Art Fair, Tuyap (2014).